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Neha Chandra Dahiya


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Consumer Goods & Retail, Online Consumer Business


Neha Chandra is the Partner for Consumer & Retail, and is also engaged in C level searches for online consumer companies for The Taplow Group, India.

She comes with 20 years of experience, of which 15 have been in Executive Hiring. For the past 7 years Neha was based in Singapore and responsible for leadership hiring in Asia Pacific and emerging markets including Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. She has a special penchant for spotting globally agile leadership talent and placing them in unlikely geographies. 

Neha has worked with leading search firms in India, Singapore and the US.  Her understanding of nuances of different cultures holds her in good stead whilst conducting cross border searches. After her years of cross-cultural experiences and global exposure, she has returned to her homeland of India where she continues to spot and nurture the right leaders for her client.

Her specialty remains ’C’ level hiring- the roles she has managed over time include Country Heads, Regional Directors, Managing Directors and Functional Heads.  Neha led the Centre of Excellence for the Human Resources Practice at Korn Ferry in Singapore.

Her multi-cultural experiences paralleled with her experiences across industries have truly shaped in her a diverse breadth and depth of knowledge allowing her to approach her work from a unique exploratory perspective.